Play Spaces

Two Room Basement Dungeon

Beautifully finished and freshly painted basement. Fully stocked with cleaning supplies, toys, and equipment so you can play to your heart's content. There are many pieces of amazing furniture and equipment including bondage beds, spanking bench, two steel cages, foot/ankle stocks, and more. One side has mats on the floor so you can get down and dirty if you like it a bit rough. We cater to all fetishes including a wonderful sissification wardrobe with accessories, adult baby supplies, gear for bondage enthusiasts such as sleepsacks, latex vacbed, and more! Each room has hardpoints in the ceiling to support full suspensions or overhead restraint systems up to 1,000 lbs. This space is perfect for fulfilling those deep, dark dungeon desires

Upstairs you will find a room dedicated to medical fantasies. There is a Stryker ambulance stretcher and genuine exam table complete with stirrups that will help to bring to life your dreams of playing nurse or doctor.  If your patient gets out of hand there is a locking set of humane restraints and straitjackets to keep them in line. The room is fully stocked with instruments for your play as well as hospital-grade clean up supplies. We have a little bit for everyone, whether you're into sharps, exams, enemas, or good old fashion role play. 

Domestic Area
The main floor of the house is perfect for domestic role play or a more casual environment if that's what you desire for your play. The living room has two comfortable and clean leather couches that lend nicely to a more relaxed atmosphere. There is also a fully equipped kitchen for servitude and maid training. Dimming lights will help to set the mood as well as music hooks ups and a large flat screen smart TV. The natural feel of this space is ideal for having intimate and sensual conversations with your partner. 
For an additional fee of $20 per hour or $150 per night, the bedroom is available for use. The bed frame is excellent for restraining your partner so you can have your way with them. Or maybe you want to chain them to the foot of the bed while you catch up on some ZZZ's. This room is great if you're looking for a more intimate atmosphere especially after a really hot play session in one of the other spaces and you want to have sexy times together. Either way, this space will add to an already wonderful experience. Safer sex supplies including condoms and chuck pads will be made available.

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