Rules & Etiquette

Outside Rules


Do not block anyone’s driveway ever, even temporarily.
Do not speak in loud voices or engage in indiscreet conversation where neighbors can hear you.
Do not wear inappropriate clothing while outside or in the neighborhood. Always wear vanilla clothes outside of the space. There are places to change once inside.
Do not have BDSM gear sticking out of your bag while outside or in the neighborhood.

House Rules

No illegal drugs.
No illegal activities.
No non-consensual activities.
No one under 21 years old
No play allowed with anyone under the influence of mind-altering drugs.
No unsupervised use of bondage, blindfolds, or gags.
No electricity play (violet wand & tens unit ok) without permission.
No blood play without permission.
No fire play.
No gun play.
No wax play around rugs or carpet without a disposable surface barrier.
No smoking inside. (If smoking outside, dispose of cigarette butts responsibly)
Thoroughly negotiate safe words or gestures before entering into a scene.
Do not violate expressed boundaries.
Do not take photos without consent.
Do not go into closed off areas.
Do not leave the front door open.

Cleaning Etiquette

Use the cavicide spray or wipes provided to clean all used and exposed surfaces, including but not limited to; implements, mirrors, floors, walls, furniture, and lube bottles.
Use the condoms provided as a barrier for any non-personal insertables or vibrators.
Use the gloves provided when handling lube or any biohazardous material.
Throw away used disposables in the garbages provide.
Thoroughly wipe up any floor messes or spills to avoid tracking and falls.

Place dirty linens in the basket provided.

If you do not wish to clean, an additional fee will be applied to your total. (Advanced notice required)


Any photography done on site is to be done with the knowledge and consent of all parties involved.

If you would like to have your session photographed, either the whole thing or parts of it, there is someone available to do so for an additional fee of $50.